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By Casamia Modular Kitchen, A kitchen is divided into five easily identifiable zones. Knowing how to create and maintain these zones adds to the pleasure of cooking.


All raw materials and ingredients for cooking go here, consumables, grocery, milk, oil, and vegetables and including the refrigerator.

Non - Consumables

Everything non-consumable stays in this section. Cups, crockery, utensils, dishes all sit here.


This is the area around the sink – the dishwasher, cleaning supplies and utensils come here.


This is where most of the work happens in a kitchen. The storage, cutlery, dishes, small appliances, utensils, spices, etc. stay here.


This is where cooking takes place. The hob, stove, pots, microwave oven, pans, baking trays, woks are important in this zone.


By Casamia Modular Kitchen, Kitchen is designed and constructed in modules mostly of standard sizes. These modules are assembled together to form a functional kitchen. Based on the space available, you can choose from a variety of layouts.


• Suites in Open –Room & Studio Type Living Room and the decline of the formal dining room, open floor plans and L-shaped kitchens have become very popular.
• An L-shape kitchen provides a continuous working platform, making it a convenient workspace.
• This type of kitchen has a corner space can utilize.
• You could also use the corner space to place LPG cylinders.
• To improvise, you could add an extension on either side of the platform to be used as a breakfast counter, for a simple quick meal.


• Suitable for Small & Working Families. Small Places
• These kitchens have enough space for even 2-3 people to cook together
• A kitchen island is an interesting concept that adds workspace in the kitchen and can also be used as a dining area.
• More innovative designs could include a sink or waste disposal unit.
• The countertop is usually waist high or higher and can be fitted with overhead lights.
• Same time allows interaction with family or guests.


• A peninsula kitchen layout is like a parallel kitchen without one wall.
• The free standing workspace or the peninsula extends from a side wall or cabinet with access from three sides
• Unlike a kitchen island, a kitchen peninsula is connected to the main kitchen on one side.
• The peninsula could be an extra workstation with cabinets or a table top for quick meals
• . Ideal for homes with small kitchen space
• a peninsula can have all the resourcefulness of an island worktop, but with less floor space.


• Suites for Medium and large family.
• U or C shaped kitchen These provide ample storage on 3 sides.
• This kitchen format allows plenty of space for storage, cooking, prepping, and maybe even a small eating area at one end.
• A U-shape kitchen can accommodate most of the required kitchen appliances and also give you ample space for wall cabinets.


• Suitable for smaller areas. ( One- Wall Kitchen Layout ).
• Ideal for small kitchen areas, this design can include cabinet storage and convenient placement of appliances and cooking implements, for easy reach.
• Single wall – putting the storage, kitchen top and washing areas side-by-side to each other.


• This kitchen layout has two long parallel working areas that can be divided in wet and dry areas.
• The main platform can be used for washing and cooking, whereas the opposite platform can be utilized as an additional workspace, or for keeping appliances.
• They provide the ease of having all appliances near you or within your reach.

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